My career

  • 2013 - 2019

    .NET Software Developer - SeniorAllied Wallet, LTD

    Responsibilities included managing and developing business critical software, databases, production and test environments. In addition to individual project accomplishments provided technical support to all internal departments, provided merchants with integration support and worked one on one with banks and third-party processors.

    Payment Processor Integrations

    Responsible for managing multiple payment processors and in total integrated 20+ processing products. Implemented a pattern that extracted the bank integration into decoupled bank “plugins”. Utilizing composition, custom attributes and interfaces a new bank could be integrated and deployed without causing any impact on the core system.

    • AccessPay
    • Alogateway
    • American Express
    • CashFlows
    • Catella Bank
    • ChinaPay
    • ClickDirectPay
    • Ecomm
    • Giropay
    • JCB ISO-8583
    • Litle
    • PaymentAsia
    • PPRO
    • Paysafecard
    • Payvision
    • Qwipi
    • Sabadell
    • SecurePay
    • Sofort
    • Swish
    • TransactEurope
    • TransactPro
    • Verisign
    • Wirecard

    JCB Acquiring Implementation Project ISO-8583

    The project objective included implementing the JCB Online and Batch Interface for acquiring electronic commerce (including J/Secure, MOTO, Recurring and Pre-Authorization) with J-Link9 (Online) and variable format (Batch).


    • Designed and developed an ASP.NET Web API with endpoints supporting authorizations, captures, refunds, reversals, and re-presentments.
    • Created class libraries, models and repositories supporting ISO 8583:1987 based messaging formats for online message interchange with the JCBI Network.
    • Designed and developed an ASP.NET Web API with endpoints supporting the batch presentment processing.
    • Managed functional testing, certificate testing and production migration.

    JCB Merchant Data File

    The project objective included adding support to the existing Allied Wallet merchant administration portal supporting JCB specific merchant data.


    • Created CRUD API, models, service, manager, engine, database repository and unit tests.
    • Created API endpoint to aggregate merchant additions and changes.
    • Created console application and scheduled task that invokes the daily aggregation.
    • Managed and performed function testing, certification and production testing.
    • Created client form in operations and administrator portals.

    JCB J/Secure and Mastercard SecureCode MPI Integrations

    Based on the specific requirements for SecureCode and J/Secure updated the existing VISA 3D-Secure MPI system.


    • Managed and perform required functional testing, compliance testing.
    • Managed and completed production implementation.
    • Generated and installed client certificates.
    • Trained operational staff members how to manage and configure merchants to enable J/Secure and SecureCode processing

    VISA 3d-Secure Merchant Server Plug-in (MPI) Integration

    The 3d-Secure Merchant Server Plug-in (MPI) verifies cardholder account ownership during a purchase transaction. The MPI is a key component of the 3d Secure protocol.


    • Created a class library that supports 3D-Secure protocol specification core functions.
    • Implement functionality to verify credit card issuer enrollment and generated the compressed PaReq XML when enrolled.
    • Implement functionality to decompress the PaRes returned by the Directory Server.
    • Created Verify Enrollment API endpoint in the Allied Wallet transaction gateway that accepts credit card details and returns 3D-Secure enrollment status.
    • Created endpoint that accepts the PaRes and processes the transaction based on authentication results.
    • Manage and perform required functional and compliance testing.
    • Create method for storing and retrieving the correct certificate based on the card type and merchant identifier.
    • Managed and completed production implementation.
    • Generate and manage client certificates

    AMEX Global Sponsored Merchant File (GSMF) Integration

    The AMEX sponsored merchant file allows Acquisition Participants / Aggregators to report new sellers, changes to existing sellers, cancelation of sellers and financial data for all sellers.


    • Created CRUD API operations, database scripts required for managing AMEX merchants.
    • Document client requirements and validation rules.
    • Assist front-end developer with Angular client integration.
    • Create new API endpoints for the daily and monthly file submission.
    • Create console applications and accompanying scheduled task needed to invoke the daily and monthly aggregation.
    • Create endpoint and accompanying scheduled task to download response files after the SMF has been processed. After the file has been downloaded parse the file for any errors and send email to operations with notification of rejected SMF data.

    Asynchronous Payment Processing

    Prior to implementation of the asynchronous payment transaction process, the payment system architecture could only support synchronous payment transactions. Asynchronous payment transactions, for example, are where a bank requires the customer to complete the transaction on a web site hosted by the bank. The bank processes the transaction and redirects the customer back to the Allied Wallet system where the status of the transaction is determined, and the customer is redirected back to the merchant.


    • Add architecture to the existing system to support initialize and pending statuses necessary for asynchronous transaction workflow.
    • Created an API endpoint that accepts an HTTP POST to initiate an asynchronous payment transaction independent of the bank configured for the merchant.
    • Created an API endpoint that process the redirect response from the bank after the bank has completed processing the transaction.
    • Created an API endpoint that parses synchronous status change notifications sent by the bank.
    • Created an API endpoint that initiates the process to send requests to the bank to check if the status of a pending transaction has changed.
    • Created a console application and accompanying scheduled task that submits a request to the API to check for updated statuses.
    • Created an exception handler utilizing PostSharp aspects specifically for handling asynchronous payment transactions.
    • For each API created related services, managers, engines and repositories.
    • Created table and stored procedure scripts.
  • 2011 - 2013

    Senior Software ConsultantSogeti USA

    Maricopa County Superior Courts

    Integrated Courts Information System (iCIS) Application

    The Court Technology Services (CTS) department was in the process of upgrading the legacy iCIS system to new technologies utilizing SQL Server 2008, ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, Telerik and Entity Framework. The new process allowed staff to track initial interview details, provide recommendations to commissioners, release order requirements and schedule hearings.


    • Created a system to administrator and schedule Judicial Officer calendar times. The Judical Officer scheduling integrated directly to the process for assigning defendant appearance dates and times.
    • Improved performance and design of existing forms and defendant search capabilities utilizing jQuery, AJAX, Entity Framework and a variety of Telerik extensions

    Juvenile Billing Project

    Enhanced, refactored and implemented new features in the legacy juvenile billing system.


    • Worked closely with several Business Analysis gathering and architecting requested updates and modifications
    • Refactored code and database to updated development standards
    • Document procedure to add new obligations to the system
    • Fixed numerous rounding and incorrect balancing errors
    • Updated reports
  • 2007 - 2011

    .NET Software Developer - LeadAllied Wallet, LTD

    Responsibilities included managing and developing all business critical software, databases,production and test environments. The technical infrastructure consisted of 30+ web sites web services, and windows service. In addition to individual project accomplishments provided technical support to all internal departments, provided merchants with integration support and worked one on one with banks and third party processors.

    First Data Credit Card Processing Integration Project

    The First Data integration application consisted of standalone assemblies, windows services and a database. The functional components were designed to be scalable and work independently without reliance on existing Allied Wallet components. The application required a multi-processing approach that included provisioning merchants, authorizing transactions and uploading transactions in batches for settlement. The final product enabled the Allied Wallet system to integrate without any need to modify the core Allied Wallet infrastructure or components.


    • Designed the database structure to store merchant provisioning data
    • Developed the libraries and consumed First Data Web Services for real time provisioning
    • Designed and developed an online interface for Allied Wallet employees to initiate provisioning and track provisioning status
    • Designed the database structure for transaction authorization and settlement batching
    • Worked with First Data to integrate the batching functionality through SFTP using Rebex components.
    • Added authorize, capture, execute, and void methods to be consumed by the existing Allied Wallet application
    • Created a Windows Service responsible for uploading, downloading and validating batch results.
    • Created documentation detailing the complete functional specifications

    Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance Project

    The PCI project required analyzing the existing business practices and technology infrastructure to determine the requirements needed for the company to become PCI certified. This project consisted of performing all the necessary tasks required to take the business from zero percent to one hundred percent compliant. After project completion the company passed the PCI audit and received Level 1 PCI certification.

    The effort required refactoring existing code, implementing data encryption, migrating to a new hosting center, restructuring employee roles and developing comprehensive IT policies and procedures.


    • Established a relationship and worked closely with PCI consultants that assisted with initial evaluation through the final audit process
    • Re-factored all system code to comply with PCI requirements
    • Researched and established relationship with new datacenter that offered security and managed hosting that was compliant with PCI standards.
    • Migrated all systems, assemblies, 30+ web sites/services, windows services and 60+ gigabyte database to the new datacenter.
    • Created all necessary IT policies and standards
    • Added new technologies such as a AppliCure web application firewall, Protegrity encryption, and auditing tools

    Allied Wallet Merchant Portal Project

    The Allied Wallet merchant portal provided an all-in-one tool for administering merchant/partner/reseller/staff accounts, transactions and payout reporting.


    • Analyzed existing system structure and code
    • Re-factored transaction administration process flow.
    • Enhanced reporting system to include options to download reports in Excel or PDF formats and added customized reporting for the accounting department
    • Provided continuous support and enhancements as business required
    • Re-factored stored procedures, modified indexes and created new tables to improve performance
    • Added email notification alerts when critical errors where encountered.
    • Added automated phone notifications when processors did not respond

    Allied Wallet Membership Transaction Project

    Developed an assembly that could be used as a plug-in to the existing gateway processing options that handled recurring payments.


    • Create a membership assembly with related database that would handle creating membership/subscription transactions
    • Added events to existing Core Allied Wallet assemblies and registered those events in the membership assembly
    • Create Windows Service that periodically check to see if member accounts required rebilling or cancellation
    • Designed accompanying database

    Allied Wallet Integration Gateway Projects

    Developed and supported multiple methods for merchants to process transactions, including Web Services, form posts and custom hosted payment pages. Integrated custom site tracking logic for hosted payment pages using third-party tagging such as Google analytics and Webtrends.

  • 2005 - 2007

    .NET Software Developer - SeniorMotorWeb, Inc

    Introduced Object-Oriented Programming concepts to the existing team and demonstrated the process for moving business and data access code from the presentation layer into individual libraries. In addition demonstrated the need and process for registering assemblies in the GAC for cross application utilization.

    Product Management System Project

    The product management system was a windows application designed to allow product managers to uploaded and manage drop shipping business data sheets. The application allowed managers to associate groups of products with MotorWeb standardized categories and sub-categories. Differently formatted data files could be imported along with the ability to import product images in bulk with the ability to auto format image size. Thousands of products could be made live on the external e-commerce web site with no need for assistance from the e-commerce development team.


    • Designed the database, table structure and stored procedures to store imported data.
    • Developed a Windows Form application that was used internally to manage products with functionality that required users to update the application when a new release was available.
    • Worked with third-party components that allowed automatically adding watermark to images and resizing for e-commerce site standardization

    Code Replication and Code Versioning Project

    Research and analize code replication and code versioning technologies


    • Implemented SourceGear Vault and trained team how to use with Visual Studio
    • Configured Replication software to be used for production replication
  • 1998 - 2005

    Software Developer - SeniorApollo Group, Inc

    Student Data Migration Project

    Developed and implemented a strategy that consisted of collecting data from multiple sources which included Site Server on SQL Server 6.5, email accounts on MS Exchange 5, and data from Oracle. The data was massaged and inserted into Active Directory, SQL Server 2000 and Microsoft Exchange 2000


    • Created an Visual Basic Windows application that was used as a tool to extract data from the legacy sources and push the data into the new systems designed by the Microsoft development team
    • Performed web server load testing and reported results to the business and Microsoft consultants

    Marketing Site Management Project

    Created a web based tool used by the marketing department to quickly develop standardized marketing sites used to collect student leads.


    • Created web site to manage and create new marketing sites.
    • Implemented RadEditor to give users ability to control the look and feel of the web sites.
    • Created a standardized markup language to allow placement of form fields within the customized sites.
    • Created a system to request DNS Cname setup

    Alumni Network Portal Project

    Created a web based portal for the University Alumni Network.


    • Created a username/password accessible web site that verified against student records for access
    • Created functionality for employers to post job postings and associated site for alumni to search and apply for posted jobs
    • Created functionality for alumni to order transcripts and diplomas
    • Created functionality where the alumni network employees could post news and upcoming alumni events.
    • Created functionality for staff to manage and post available scholarships

    University Store Project

    Created the first interactive version of the university store.


    • Integrated with PayflowPro to process credit cards
    • Integrated with UPS to easily print shipping labels and apply shipping charges
    • Created customer facing web site for search and purchasing products
    • Created internal web site for order management

    Change Request Submittal Project

    Created a form with workflow logic to allow tracking and approval of IT department system changes.

    Copy Center Request Submittal Project

    Create a form with workflow logic to allow employees to submit documents to the corporate copy center.

    Faculty Grade Entry Project

    Created an online system that allowed faculty to enter student grades.

    Corporate Intranet Project

    Created the first version of the corporate intranet/portal. The system consisted of an employee phone lookup, classified ads and corporate news section.

    University Main Marketing Site Project

    Created the first interactive university marketing site, which included campus location lookup and campus course lookup.

My education

  • 2001 - 2003

    Master of ScienceUniversity of Phoenix

    Major: Computer Information Systems

  • 1992 - 1996

    B.A, Liberal Arts and SciencesUniversity of Kansas

    Major: Mathematics